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She Is Gone Poem

She’s Gone!
by Latedra Elli

As I look into her eyes
She just lays there stiff and still
She looks at me as if she wants to say, ”Im not ready to leave”
Her eyes wonder around the room
She can’t stay concentrated on me
She talks but I can’t hear a word she says
It’s like a blur or murmurs
She gags on her food and chokes on her drink
She can’t do what she used to do
Her children can’t look at her
Or even be in the same room with her
Because they can’t seem to look at her in that dying condition
She doesn’t eat for days
She doesn’t drink for days
As everyday goes by she’s dying
Her family awaits her death everyday
But when the last of life was upon her
We left and later on down the road
She was pronounced dead
And all I could think was, “She’s gone! ”
Based on A TRUE STORY! !


She Is Gone, All Gone
by Morney Wilson

She has already gone places –
she is gone, all gone.
She takes and she takes – one
day she takes too much.
when this kind of fire starts
it is very hard to put out –
the tender boughs
of innocence burn first.
Anger slays her, love cannot save her.
Nobody knows her.
Nobody knows her.
Born with a hole in her heart,
apparently healed.
Nobody knows.
Nobody knows.
Anger slays her, love cannot save her.
faster and faster…
for a long time
you do not feel anything,
then you burst into fire
fierce flames…
the angels will not help you –
they have all gone away.
Write it in your diary…
Anger slays her, love cannot save her.
She takes and she takes –
one day she takes too much.
Your angel disappeared.

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