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Sex Poems For Her – Sexy Poems

If you find a woman sexy then there is only about time you make it known in a way that will be communicated to her sensibly and even seductively. The way to a woman’s heart is through her mind and emotions. If you know how to connect with her deeper than the superficial then you can lower her guard and she will give you the chance to connect with her, emotionally, mentally, and even physically. Nothing is sexier than a man who knows how to treat a woman. It is naturally seductive when a man tries to connect not just with your physical desires but emotionally too.

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If You Find A Woman Sexy – Poem by naida supnet

If you find a woman sexy
That is because she is brainy
She can charm you with her wit
Your intelligence she can meet
If you find a woman amazing
That is because she is charming
She can get you with her words
Like songs in familiar chords
If you find her captivating
That is because she is alluring
With her every acts and moves
You agree your smiles are proofs
If to her you always look
That’s because you can be hooked
To adore her lovingly
And admire her endlessly
If you find her voice magical
That’s her words so lyrical
Her voice is a soothing calm
Making you relaxed and warm
If you see her irresistible
That’s because she is able
To manage looking pretty
Aside from her being witty
Every man needs a woman
A woman who’s one of a kind
Who will make him look king
With a woman his lovely queen

! Where Sexy Meets Demure In A Place Called Trim – Poem by Michael Shepherd

In the seat opposite in the underground
in the off-peak afternoon,
neat shoes, nice legs, skirt just the exact right length
where demure meets sexy in a place called trim;
well-chosen outfit; wasn’t her face
vaguely familiar in some other context?
Had we met, in Tahiti, Cuba, Necker Island,
or on some other sandy shore?
Met, yet not spoken? She offered me no clue..
Ah yes – for several years,
come January grey but promise of a summer sun,
the TV infomercials fill our screens
with this year’s new holiday destinations
for the single girl who’s demure to sexy,
late thirties, but still trim.. writing her own script
but with all the real life edited out..
How often had we seen her on a sunny beach,
her swimsuit just where sexy meets demure in trim,
about to enter a blue blue sea
with no-one else about…
such the conventions of the travel film,
she too often in the shot…
or at the table, glowing in her evening outfit,
bronzed, relaxed; but still alone;
filling us in with details and the sights to see
over the lavish fruit cup on the table
before the smiling waiter brings the laden plate –
after the waterfall where we’d seen her laughing,
the market where she’d handled exotic fruit,
the boat ride, she in the stern, her hair blown back.. or
riding in safe open car through crowds of exotic natives?
did she choose her invisible cameraman on these trips?
Were they an item? Or did his compensation
begin with the local talent when he put his camera down?
Did she queue at airports, fluster over overcharging,
wait for days for thunderclouds to clear?
Arise dishevelled from an ill-advised fling with a local,
which remained unspoken as the background
to travel for the single girl?
Sitting there, ex-travel correspondent, professional,
dressed where sexy meets demure in trim,
the camera and the sound were off; she
did not meet my eyes; but if I’d had
a travel brochure with me, I could have played
a merry game with her across the way..
What a joyous disaster film her memories could have made,
what a chance the infomercials cannot take…

I’m A Sexy Old Thing – Poem by David Harris

I’m a sexy old thing
well passed my prime.
If you have the money,
I have the time,
and that is all I have
I say much to my regret.
If you saw me naked,
you’d say “Oh heck! ”
There are times in your life
when you feel like a young stud.
The body then kicks in
and tell you to go play in the mud.
Your wrinkles are showing,
all left right and centre,
and if I go on much longer,
I’ll be caught up by the censor.

Never Seen Such A Sexy Girl In My Life – Poem by Asif Andalib

Never felt inside so much love before
Never seen such a pretty girl for sure
Baby I want to love you more and more
Never felt inside so much love before
Never seen such a sexy girl in my life
If I could make you my wife baby my wife
Baby you can make me work nine to five
Never seen such a sexy girl in my life
Never seen such styles the dresses you wear
I will love you always baby I swear
I want you so much I have got no fear
Never seen such styles the dresses you wear
Never seen so much love in those eyes
My heart is happy but my eyes cry
Song is in soul when the music dies
Never seen so much love in those eyes

A Sexy Samba – Poem by Ruby Honeytip

Sweat trickles down my bare back.
It tickles as it wetly trails
To the base of my spine.
My hips sway,
My shoulders dip and roll
In rythmic undulations
In time with the vibrations
That have suddenly become,
My only awareness.
A delighted smile spreads
Across my crimson lips
I open my eyes to look at you.
You are looking at me,
I know what’s on your mind.
Mmmm….mine too.
I turn around,
Lifting my arms over my head.
I press my back to the front of you,
And I enjoy the cadence
Of your beautiful body.
Your hands are on my gyrating hips,
I feel you push intimately hard,
Pulsing against me in the dark.
Your teeth on my earlobe,
Start a maddening electric tempo,
In my secret depths.
I feel you entwine your fingers with mine,
I am warmly clasping to the beat.
……. .
The rhythm slows.
You lean in close as my song
Draws to its end.
I feel your deep baritone as you whisper
‘Save the last dance for me’
I think I will Mr Rightnow.

You Sexy Thing – Poem by Vaughn Bekker

You sexy thing, you have my heart
You stole it from me, right at the start
When we first met, that was it for me
Madly in love, forever I’d be
My heart is now, just a simple slave
To your Bursting love, like an ocean wave
Your eloquent beauty, your velvet skin
I`ll love you forever, you sexy thing

Source: Poemhunter

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