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Scary Poems – Poems about Scary

A Scary Dream
by Starr Williams

Housewives as the nights,
Came through,
The ceiling swung,
And then it grew
Have you ever seen the rain,
Shine blue?
In the Ring Of Fire,
Just for you?
Have you felt that chill,
With dew?
The yellow moon above
sweep through?
Have you sighed that fateful,
Word of doom,
Fallen into that tunnel,
yes it looms.
A whisper blares across,
The room,
The stars come to my eyes, but
I sail through.
A laughing ace of hearts says,
Then dances round and round,
And withdrew.
Have you ever seen brick walls
Of blue,
Stand tall and strong but
I pass through.
Is the hammer big, or is it
The room?
This pounding in my head,
I knew.
The door rushes away, from my field
Of view,
Then comes running back, what can,
I do?
I sit up suddenly, is it,
The relief that dreams don’t usually
come, true.


Big Scary Monsters
by emma anderson

Big scary monsters,
the ones that get you at night,
they hide in cupboards and behind doors,
just to give you a fright!
But have you ever wondered
what its like to be a monster
hiding in the dark,
and not coming into the light.
Now, if i took my monsters
out into the light
i wonder what they would do first,
go to the park or maybe fly a kite.
maybe they would play on the swings,
or maybe go on the slide,
you never know what they might do
they might even try and ride a bike!
i don’t think id like to be a monster
and never come out in the light
i don’t want to hide behind doors or
in cupboards
and give people a fright.
so next time you go to bed
cut the monsters some slack
let them come out and give you a fright,
after all,
they only get to come out at night.

Witches Are Scary
by Bruce Larkin

Some witches are spooky,
While others are rather mean.
With warts on their noses
And skin that’s creepy green.
Scary things can happen
Wherever witches are seen.
I’m glad the only witches I see
Are looking for treats on Halloween


A Scary Encounter
by Valsa George

I remember my mother’s encounter with a snake
Small I was, yet grown enough to know
That a cobra was more venomous than most other snakes
My mother was brave…. brave to the hilt
If ever she sighted a snake by chance
She would at once chase it with a stick
And kill it if it couldn’t escape her notice
A strange trait not in any way keeping with the one
Who by nature was so compassionate to man and beast
I used to wonder why she was so spiteful to snakes
She had had it ever since I could remember
Later I learned, one of her uncles, in his prime
Had been bitten by a snake and had died a tragic death!
She once chanced to see a snake in our compound
This time her enemy was a formidable one
It was trying to escape to the cluster of bushes
But through the furrowed land, its movement wasn’t easy
My mother not armed with a sturdy cane
Beat it with a flimsy stick… of course a risky act!
It was hit somewhere around its tail
With the fire of fury burning in its eyes
It stood erect with its forked tongue flicking out
And its six inch hood spread out like a fan
It was a cobra of the deadliest kind!
To make matters worse, our dog
Came running from far, ready to pounce on it
My mother was between the devil and the deep sea
Yet she didn’t lose her composure
Without taking her eyes off the snake
She called out to her children to watch the drama
Which she said could never be seen so close
And could be watched, perhaps only in a zoo
We were so scared of the whole scene
And pleaded her to come away instantly
But she said- ‘a wounded snake was a dangerous thing
If let go, it would at any time come back to bite’
Might be a superstition she had imbibed as a child
Fortunately just above that fateful venue
Was our compound wall behind which
All of us had stationed, so panic stricken
My brother, from somewhere lifted up a huge stone
And dropped it over the snake from behind the wall
Something the cobra had never anticipated
Its head was hit hard and was under the rock
As it wriggled and coiled desperately trying to free itself
My mother using the chance, beat it black and blue
And finally it was dead….
A memory
That still sends shivers down my spine
And fills my mind with a rare awe for my mom!


Scary Treats – Halloween Poem
by Kevin Patrick

The Moon is full and ominous
Conspiring spectrums in the mist
With terrors mortals should not know
Catastrophes within the soul
Tarantulas the size of hounds
Creep and crawl on window silhouettes
Their hairy bodies cling to pangs
Waiting to eat you with their fangs
Green Witches read their almanacs
Enchanting riddled vulgar tongues
Cauldrons boil evil potions
Frogs and crows with one eye sockets
A piper hymens a devils tune
Inside the shadows of the woods
Where pyres burn of pagan rites
Draw rings around the whicker man
In the forest the fairies meet
Whispering their dark treaties
Too ensnare the little children
And keep them forever yearning
The Goblin King goes ‘trick or treat’
As spring healed Jack jumps on his feat
Leaping and bound across the land
Biding to his masters command
Skeleton Ed says ‘Hello my friend
And bows for courtesy with his hand
‘We’ll dance the dead eternal waltz
Embracing the darkness in our hearts’
So have a happy Halloween my friends
May you find the trick to scary treat

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