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Poems About Mental Illness

Mental illness is a battle in a mind that often times no one has seen coming or even more, nobody notices while it happens with another person. Not every mental illness is the same. Some exhibit a physical change or behavioural change but sometimes, people experiencing mental illness can be fully functional and would seem like there is nothing wrong inside. To prevent people from battling their illnesses alone we should be sensitive to the circumstances other people are going through. Symptoms may not always present itself on the outside but always be empathetic and carefully listen for cries of help.

Find hope and encouragement to battle your illness here at 1Love Poems’ hopeful pieces.

Mental Illness: The Musical!
Poem by ben Wenzle

Mental illness: the musical
But like
I’m too sad to sing it
So that’s kind of a bummer
Do you know what is a Bummer
Mental illness: the musical!
That is like the tagline for it
It’s on the poster
Mental Illness: the musical
It’s kind of a bummer
It is a musical
It’s a tough sell
I get it
You know
We may not be on Broadway but we are off off off off broadway
We were picked up those three different times by an inpatient recovery center
Well that was very exciting
Because it was like we had made the big time
And so with that
We proudly present
And by proudly I mean
I guess I don’t know what proudly means
Mental Illness: the musical
Starring me
In the lead role of understudy to myself
Directed and choreographed by sadness
Costumes by mom
Set design by the suburbs
Before we begin tonight’s performance
We’d like to let you know that the role of College
Will be played by me sleeping
Also the role of work will be played by me sleeping
I heard
Me sleepings probably gonna win it this year
They better
Oh look
Its starting
lights dim
Me, dimmer
Curtain up
Frown down
I’m sorry
You know I don’t know this part, right?
Like, I don’t think i’ve ever known this part
I’m sorry
The directors yelling something at me but I can’t hear him over the maracas
This is a very maracas heavy musical
Oh I’m sorry
Those aren’t maracas those are gigantic prescription pill bottles shaking
And so many heads shaking
The medication I’m supposed to take every morning
What is mourning
Somebody please tell me
Why are there so many songs in this musical titled ‘empty’
Why is the audience always empty
You know I am sick of playing to an empty house
And I’m sick
And I’m sick

The Stigma Of Mental Illness
Poem by James McLain

Diabetes no problem.
Heart disease no problem.
Lungs, kidneys,
broken bones no problem.
Many here are psychotic.
Many here are bipolar.
Many here have not left their
rooms for months.
Many here think the world revolves
around them.
Yet your glued to your priest
and cop shows on T.V.
Watching the obviously mentally ill
be victimized by those
with out higher learning.
I cannot replenish intelligence
where none is shown.
Poets are the first to burn with
a passion to do what is right.
We all want a cure for cancer except
for the pharmaceutical companies.
When a brain works unpredictably
or on the sidewalks one walks in your
light there it’s dark.
When you see them talking to the sky
you drove past or
they are dressed for winter in summer.
Or you find yourself next to him or her.
You please don’t hate me for saying
that you remove yourself from their proximity.
The stigma of mental illness is a horrible thing.
Imagine that you would ask someone with no arms
to open a door and hold it open for you.
Now imagine that same person whoms
mind has been damaged from any hundreds of things.
All the great poets whom suicided now
remove all the words that come to your mind.
Massive gaps in literature is all that you find.

Source: Poemhunter

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