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Poems About Growing Up

When we were young we always wished that the time would run faster and we would grow up immediately. When got a bit older, in our teens, we always wished that things would get better and that adulthood will bring us so much happiness and joy. Eventually, this day that we have been wishing for has come and we are perplexed on what adulthood is all about. Enjoy every moment where you are. Do not rush to grow up because that time will come. Life is just like that, it takes its time and you will be surprised that you missed the things you had before you grew up.

Here at 1Love Poems, you will be reminded of your awesome childhood that makes you appreciate life before you grew up.

Growing Up
Poem by Mary Spain

The day I could no longer walk with ease
Beneath the table, made it clear to me
That I was growing. Soon my parents’ knees
Were way below my eye-line. I could see
Above the window-sill and out, far out,
Into a world where adults knew it all
And children yearned to grow and be about
Such fascinating business. To be tall
Held out a promise greater than mere size.
When I achieved full stature I would know
Those peaks of knowledge conquered by the wise –
All that remained for me to do was grow.
Yet wisdom gained shows wisdom still ahead;
Grown up, I find I’m growing down instead.

Growing Up
Poem by Donna Nimmo

I didn’t know why I was really born
I had a sad childhood and was always torn
Didn’t know my daddy, didn’t really know my mother
It was just us three, with my sister and my brother
We stuck together and formed a bond
We were all we had and were very fond
We would defend each other all our life
There was pain and fear and plenty of strife
We were abused and neglected most of the time
Then, you could starve and beat your kids, not a crime
We were passed around to home after home
We never had much to call our own
We had a different daddy once a week
They made us full of fear and awful meek
Some were very nice and some were very mean
Some would beat us constantly, and some would only scream
We all grew up rough and we all knew it
And if they knew about this poem, they would have a fit
Mother couldn’t help it, her mind was very weak
All her life she suffered, her life was so bleak
But we survived it all and grew up too
And mother she forgot, and didn’t have a clue
I loved her so much, through thick and thin
The angels came and got her, that’s why I can pen!

Growing Up
Poem by Rununah S…

Life was different
from then to now.
You can get away
with things easily.
Now were older and more mature,
we do more and bigger stuff that goes around.
And sometimes people don’t get away with
things fast like they used to.
I do more stuff now,
than when I was little.
When your younger less stuff
go on in your life, you barely do chores,
homework, or even dealing with stress.
We get stressed a lot about
school, especially homework.
It ruins your fun day.
Decisions are more complicated,
sometimes it can be a big deal for people,
because they don’t know what to do.
You have more feelings about everything,
about your family,
aunt’s uncles.
Why does this world half to be
so big for us?
Why can’t it stay the same?
I don’t want to grow up fast,
I want my life to be the same as it was
when I was younger.
When your little your parents
basically did all the work for you,
rocked me to sleep,
read me stories,
tells me about my future.
But now I can do all that,
I’m a big kid and I can prove it
to the world, and the world coming to me.
Why can’t it all be the same,
instead of changing everyday or even every year?
Why can’t we all go back in
our own little world, with our own little rules.

Source: Poemhunter

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