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Poems About Betray – Betrayal Poem

Trust is a precious gift we give to the people closest to our hearts. It takes a lot to gain someone’s trust as well as the courage to give it. Most times trust is given only after a long period of time, or when you have reached the next level of a relationship, or when they have conquered obstacles and challenges of your relationship. Once trust is given, we rely on the care that our trust will not be broken, because once it is broken it is hard to rebuild and maybe even lose it completely. Appreciate the trust that has been confidently given to you.

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Betrayal – Poem by Doom and Gloom

Good day to thee my worthless friend, I see you’ve shown your full intent
While others rally to defend, no one knows where you went
Hello to thee my part time chum, I see you fled the dragons lair
While former friends die one by one, they turn for help but you’re not there
Greetings to thee my life long mate, we trusted you with all our hearts
We remembered you in final thoughts, as we watched ourselves get ripped apart
Goodbye to you fair-weather friend, was good until you turned and fled
Think of us from time to time, the ones you loved then left for dead

Betrayal – Poem by Broken heart emo

So this is it….
I finally found out the truth
Never expected it from you! ! !
I thought you were my friend….
But you weren’t….
You were just using me just like you used all the other people…
For your own selfish reasons…
I always thought those people who left your friendship were wrong! !
But no, what I thought was wrong! !
I’m never gonna forgive you…
Nor will others! !
Because you are a person of betrayal…
No one can ever trust you…
You betrayed once… so you can betray again…
One day everyone will find the truth…
And you will be all alone…
Begging for forgiveness…
Then you will realize your behavior! !
N regret
All you have done…
And come apologizing back…
But I know you
You are as stubborn as ever…
And you will never do that…
Because there is one thing you are good at
That is

Betrayal – Poem by Arthur Seymour John Tessimond

If a man says half himself in the light, adroit
Way a tune shakes into equilibrium,
Or approximates to a note that never comes:
Says half himself in the way two pencil-lines
Flow to each other and softly separate,
In the resolute way plane lifts and leaps from plane:
Who knows what intimacies our eyes may shout,
What evident secrets daily foreheads flaunt,
What panes of glass conceal our beating hearts?

Betrayal Of The Heart – Poem by Leah Rochelle

The silence was deafening;
Nothing but hte whispers of the night’s wind.
Her eyes reflected the silver of the moon,
Whom was gimacing down upon her.
Her body lyed down in the crimson she called her own;
A pool of blood not deserved to be spilt.
Her poor soul looks not once at her cold body,
But at the man who’s own hand pulled the trigger.
He smiles and takes a step away,
But not until the tears came down his face to stop him.
Looking back at the life he has taken,
He falls to now stained ground.

The Last Betrayal – Poem by Edith Nesbit

AND I shall lie alone at last,
Clear of the stream that ran so fast,
And feel the flower roots in my hair,
And in my hands the roots of trees;
Myself wrapt in the ungrudging peace
That leaves no pain uncovered anywhere.
What–this hope left? this way not barred?
This last best treasure without guard?
This heaven free–no prayers to pay?
Fool–are the Rulers of men asleep?
Thou knowest what tears They bade thee weep,
But, when peace comes, ’tis thou wilt sleep, not They.

Source: Poemhunter

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