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Poem for Aunty

My Auntie – George Naylor

When I was hopeless, you were there.
You picked me up; you showed me care.
Without the love you had for me
God only knows where I would be.
To me, you were a second mom,
a person I drew wisdom from.
In my corner every fight,
you always cared that things were right.
I won’t forget the things you’ve done.
I felt like your adopted son.
Ready now and feeling new,
I couldn’t leave not thanking you.


For My Aunt – Angie

My aunt is to me the greatest person in this world,
one of a kind and one in a million.
She has the biggest heart with the most caring touch,
which she shares with so many of us.
Her soul is made of pure love,
yet she’s worth way more than gold.
In my eyes, she will always be,
the most beautiful person to walk the earth.
To me she’s the smartest woman I know,
and it truly does show.
There is no one that compares to her,
no one that even comes close.
I appreciate all the advise she has given me,
I take it in with immense gratitude.
The memories I will forever cherish,
for they are priceless.
For all she has done, I will forever be thankful,
and my love for her only grows more with each day that passes.
On a high pedestal is where I hold her,
for I admire her so much more than she knows.
Having her a part of my life is the greatest gift of all,
being in her presence is God’s blessing to me.
Looking deep inside of her,
I see that strong, wise woman I hope to become.
Giving, helpful, loving, caring, and kind,
is what defines her.
She is not only my favorite Aunt but she is my role model,
and to be like her, would be my only wish.


Until That Day – Chris Belden

Until that day I’ll think of you,
the love we shared, the memories too.
Until that day I’ll think of you,
I’ll try so hard in all I do.
Until that day I’ll find out why,
you had to leave with no “goodbye”.
Until that day this is so,
your family misses you, more than you’ll know.
Until that day You’ll be with him,
your God, your Savior, and new best friend.
Until that day I see you there,
you’re in my heart, you’re everywhere.
Until that day.


To Someone – Ida Lester

This is to someone who is like a mother,
to someone who looked after me since I was younger.
To someone who cared when nobody else did,
to someone who loved me as much as my dad did.
To some whom they say I look like,
to someone who always wants to make things right.
To someone who takes me like a daughter,
to someone who protects and makes the family stronger.
To someone who I will never forget,
to someone’s daughter I will always protect.


My Auntie – Brittany E. Dorn

My Auntie has a special gift
She knows just what to do
To make me happy all the time
And show she loves me too
At Christmas and Thanksgiving
She’s the person I look for
She stays at my house overnight
But I want her to stay for more
I can tell when she’s joking
By the twinkle in her eyes
She’s the best at solving problems
She is patient and she’s wise
She is so creative
With her poetry and crafts
And every time I’m with her
We have a lot of laughs
I will always admire my Auntie
For my whole life you see
Because even though I’m still a kid
She spends so much time with me

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