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Poem About Love Yourself

You may find it hard to believe that loving yourself could be the hardest thing to do. It may come as a surprising fact but it is true. Sometimes we get so wrapped up with our duties and responsibilities and taking care of our loved ones that we forget to love ourselves. Loving oneself means that you are putting your needs and wants first. It is something that should come naturally but sadly it does not. It becomes a rare thing in this busy world and lifestyle that we live in. Take your time to take a breather and relax. Give yourself a much-needed me-time to love and pamper yourself.

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Love Yourself First
Poem by Hebert Logerie

You must love yourself first after God.
You ought to take care of yourself first,
Before you can help anyone else;
Please do so, so you’ll be hungry and athirst
To aid this society, who will be glad
That common sense
And its fundamentals are applied well.
Love yourself first, and then love others with all your heart.
Love can solve all problems; with love you’ll never be apart.
When seriously in love, blood flows effortlessly, all hearts swell,
And happiness dances like the clown, who just won the jackpot.
From sunset to sunrise, love yourself many times; love yourself a lot,
Then love others,
And the flowers.

Love Yourself
Poem by Gregory Huyette

Love starts with you and has no end
It begins when you love your life’s best friend
Look in the mirror and who do you see?
Hopefully, you’ll smile and wink proudly
You and your ego will be so much nearer
When you love that smiling face in the mirror

If you can’t say “I love myself” humbly
Then you can’t love others genuinely
Self love isn’t selfish nor is it vain
Self love is the foundation which will sustain
Our selfless feelings for our fellow man
To help through our life as best we can

What do clouds feel if you haven’t flown?
You can’t reflect love if you can’t feel your own
You can’t enjoy that book on the library shelf
If you’ve never learned to read yourself
Nor can you appreciate a foreign tongue
Without learning words from it’s very first rung

Hearing but not knowing a word. So it is with love
Avoid abandoning it with an emotional shove
First learn what it is; Understand how to use it…
Start with yourself and no elsewill lose it

Source: Poemhunter

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