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More Poems About Perserverance

Perseverance is a virtue that everyone needs to overcome anything and everything. Tenacity, determination, and resolve is something that does not come easy but it can always be perfected through practice. Perseverance is something that will help you get through obstacles, challenges, and help you reach your goals and master your passions. If you are going through something, or you want to master a certain skill, then perseverance is your best friend. Perseverance is being patient in waiting, in doing, in practicing, and most of all not giving up. It is not about whether you never fail, but your consistency and the direction you are heading.

Find more inspiring poems here at 1Love Poems to help you practice your perseverance.

On Perseverance For Success – Poem by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Who says that things cannot be done?
Nothing’s impossible on earth;
Most things are possible under the sun;
But perseverance should be thine friend!
The one who gives up with ease is a fool!
The wise person labors with determination;
Yet, one must choose the things that one can do,
And go full steam ahead, till comes success.
Perseverance is the secret of success;
By continual toil, failures can be avoided;
Great things were done by burning mid-night’s oil!
“The toiler harvests best of fruits in life.”

9. Love Is – Perseverance! – Poem by Angelina Pandian

Love is perseverance
It is never giving up!
When you are up against a wall
It is love, which helps you climb over it.
It is love that helps you run that last lap,
You never give up for you have to succeed
You try again and again for you have to live!
For whatever you do
You do out of love
And the efforts you put in
Are not for just giving up!

Perseverance – Poem by Aqua Flower
Don’t give up
on life with an empty cup
at least you’re still holding
something to fill

Perseverance – Poem by Muzahidul Reza

Several times he tried
Succeeded once,
He got the taste of life
Through perseverance.

Perseverance – Poem by Aniruddha Pathak
When we try once, and hit that one,
A chance is it of heaven;
When we try n times hitting none,
And get it right at n plus one,
O know it at once
It’s perseverance.

Yielding A Harvest Through Perseverance – Poem by Dr. Antony Theodore

Blessed are those
who, with a noble
and generous heart,
take the word of God
to themselves
and yield a harvest
through their perseverance.

Perseverance – Poem by Savita Tyagi

Tanka 12
A leaf quivers in
a silken gossamer
The breeze breaks it loose
Spider spins the web again
To catch yet another prey.

Perseverance – Poem by Randy Johnson

My cousin bought a horse and he fell off when he attempted to ride.
People told him to quit but he tried and tried.
He never gave up and he was never scared.
He learned how to ride that horse because he persevered.
We should all persevere when it comes to our goals and dreams.
We shouldn’t give up no matter how hard it seems.

Fighting Together – Poem by Michael P. McParland

We’ll always fight together,
defending and standing up for each other.
Against all obstacles that confront us,
together we’ll take them on
they cannot defeat us.
We’ll fight together side by side for eternity
defending and supporting each other in everything we need.
We will equally bare the weight of all
the things that we will face,
picking up the slack when one of us
is unable to complete the task.
We’ll do it for each other because
we will always fight together.
Side by side spirits bound together,
by choice we picked this
fate for we truly love each other.
Fighting together for the perfect cause,
true love which in this world is so rarely found.
We’ll face all obstacles
supporting each other hand in hand.
This world of love is ours to take and have
as we continue fighting all the strife together
finding the promised land
as we march along and always take a stand.

Source: Poemhunter

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