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Latinos Poems – Latino poetry

Latino’s are beautiful and exquisite people. It is no secret that they have striking beauty and talent. Hispanic people all around the world make a mark with their undeniable appeal and capabilities. Some even say that Hispanic people are the sexiest and they give off charisma that no one can deny. They are inherently sexy because they are passionate people which is evident in how they love their families, their work, their passions. It can be seen in how they dance, how they work hard, how they protect their loved ones and so much more. Latino’s are a thing of beauty and blazing passion.

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Beautiful Latino’s

by Melvina Germain

Latino’s a race of beauty, put upon this earth.
Now in the limelight showing all their worth.
Insurmountable talents performed for the world to see,
and to gaze upon their forms of elegant artistry.
They can dance, they can move, they can kick up their heels.
They are sexy latin lovers, and that’s very real.
Look out, they have tempers like a fire dragons blaze.
When you see it you are sure to be amazed.
Large families with lots of love filtering through their homes.
In certain areas you will find no TV’s or telephones.
The love that resonate, keeps their families alive.
With constant determination the family will strive.
Coming to North America, working very hard,
at industrial plants, sometimes construction yards.
Maybe short order cooks or dishwashers too,
doing whatever it takes within reason to make it through.
They are fine people, proud people, strong people, yes. The number one priority is their families best.


by Juan Olivarez

One people, so many bloods.
The Hispanic people against the odds.
European, Asian, dark as the night,
Blond and blue eyed, exceedingly white.
Beautiful full lips, and beguiling eyes,
Brown, black, green, and as blue as the skies.
Full bodied women and handsome men,
If we don’t have it, it can’t be seen.
In us is the black man from Africa,
And the blue eyed Spaniard from afar.
The Aztec warrior so brave and proud,
The red headed Irish, so gallant and loud.
The noble red man, with his stoic face,
Yes, we are a mongrel race.
But no finer people will you find,
Because through it all, we are all kinds.
The greatest of singers, and artists too,
Now we are many, once we were so few.
Gaze into an Hispanic face,
And you will find the human race.

Source: Poemhunter

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