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I Miss You Poems

Missing someone is a terrible feeling that each of us does not want to feel. It is a deep longing for a loved one who is physically far away, a memory of a lost loved one, the sentimental feeling of the past that you could never get back. Whatever it is that causes you to miss someone it is a hard emotion to conquer. If there is still a possibility for you to be together and to make up for the lost time, then you could only wish that the time would run faster so you can hold each other again.

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How I Miss You
Poem by Bikramjyoti Kashyop

My Darling, How I miss your touch
I miss your whisper of ‘I love you so much’
Your love is so sweet, so gentle, so tender
So wonderful – just like the sender
My love for you is so true and so deep
I pray that my love you will forever keep
I love you more each and every day
I love you, Baby – in every way
I love it when you Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! ! ! ! !
OMG – that makes me Purrrrrrrrrrr! ! ! !
LYL – is where I want to be
Me pleasing you and you pleasing me
I want to be touching you – skin to skin
Baby – I am ready for our life to begin
I am counting the days until then
You will long for love – never again
I will love you like crazy for the rest of your life
You will have the best friend, lover and wife
I want to be your everything
I want to be what makes your heart sing
I love you, Darling – please never doubt
I love you so much – I want to Shout
Until we are together again – hold me in your heart
I am holding you in mine – as I have from the start

I Miss You
Poem by Natasha Bolling

There aren’t enough words to explain how I feel
My heart is broken and will never heal
The pain is too deep
The emotion too real
I want to turn it off, just for one day
And know how it is to not feel this way
To not have the hurt
To not have to say
I miss you.
I want to feel your arms around me again
And your warm kisses in the rain
To be full once more
I’m going insane
I need to have that peace inside
It hasn’t been there since you died
My heart is always screaming
No matter how many tears I have cried.
I miss you.
I will wander this world with you on my mind
Searching for answers til one I find
Aged I may be
Face withered and lined
Empty forever until I’m gone
These bones will carry me on
Trying to fill this void
Til death once again has won.
I miss you.

I Miss You 14
Poem by Michael P. McParland

I miss you so much with my whole heart and soul.
There isn’t a thing I don’t miss about you.
I miss you every minute of every hour and second each day.
I love you my darling and I miss you so much,
my heart aches to see and talk to you once again.
My arms long to hold you and pull you so tight.
I long to kiss you all over and say thank you
sweet Kira for being magnificent in everything.
Thank you my darling for being my sweet Angel dove.
I miss you and I want you to be here with me,
I want to share my whole life with the woman who knows me best,
and even though you may think that you don’t know much
I will break down my walls because it is you that I trust.
I know that you’ll do your best to understand everything
and that you will not laugh at and mock me
in the moments of difficulty when my emotions overwhelm.
I know you will just hold me and say it’s alright,
so many have said harsh things and undercut me
but you have never done that and I know you would help me.
I miss you my love and want to hold you so close.
I want to be there for you too and help
give you support through the pains you do feel,
I will be your rock and shoulder the one you can turn to.
I love you sweet lady and want to help you in all ways,
I want to support my sweet Queen
who deserves the best in all things.
I want to be your noble knight who will
fight for and defend you.
I want to be your hero and everything.
I love and miss you and want to prove all of these things
by showing my word in actions that build trust.
I miss you so much because you’re a treasure I cherish.
You are a woman and lady in the truest sense,
you are so beautiful and you have been robbed
of the loving treatment you deserve fully.
I want to give you that loving treatment straight
from my soul and heart every day hand in hand side by side.
I want to show you you’re amazing and my everything,
I want you to see that you are a true gift and blessing.
I miss you my dear and my heart calls to you in its awe,
I love you sweet Kira because you are my Angel
and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t give
to have you here and make you eternally happy.
You are truly a spectacular lady
who deserves the best of everything.

I Miss You And Need You
Poem by Michael P. McParland

Darling I miss you so very much
and I need your sweet precious beauty within my life,
all of this loneliness makes me so very tired
and all that I want is the soft touch
and to spend time with my beautiful Angel.
I adore you so much and I miss your deep class,
I need you sweet one because you are my hero and true love
whose worth exceeds everything to me in heaven or on this earth.
I miss our conversations that would go on for hours,
I miss your sweet smile as we would just look at each other
and then without a word say I love you my darling
and I know that I will forever and ever.
I miss you Kira and my heart is hurting
because I need you in my arms to give you sweet soothing,
I know that you’re hurting and in need of true loving
and I just want to hold you giving both of us
that needed satisfaction fulfilling the longing.
I love you sweet Kira and I miss you, need you,
and above all else you’re my best friend so I want you.
I miss you sweet Kira because in all ways you’re beautiful
and I need you because you are my sweetest Queen Angel.
I love you and miss you and just want so
very much to hold and kiss you spending
a quiet evening snuggling together.
I love you Kira because you are so special
so please know you are treasured by your loving Michael.
I miss you my dear and send you sweet kisses and hugs
of complete loving warmth,
feel me beside you holding you ever so closely.
I adore you sweet one and will forever be there by your side
because you are my Kira and I cherish and love you to no end.

I Miss You So Much Poem
Poem by Abstract Poet

I keep looking out the window wondering
where you are, curious to know if your
thinking about me while, I am thinking
About you the night is so long, making time pass by too slowly, wishing I was
in your arms, all night long and beyond.
My heart aches for you, longing for you
like never before living in agony, without
the present of your love how can I live.
Without you I would cry thinking about
you, missing you so much you had to
break my heart I would suffer through.
The pain, you had to leave me alone I
would cry missing you so much I couldn’t
believe our love had to end I wish our love.
Didn’t end I thought we had something
amazing with our love I guess not but
only thing I can say I miss you so much.
Dedicated to Cole. A
I miss him so much I love you sweetheart

Source: Poemhunter

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