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Hip Hop Poem

by Nassy Fesharaki


Read of the First Nations;
– “In Hip-Hop are engaged.”
Graffiti and sound cuts
-show stage of the minds
-thanks to White-Settlers
– (that saw each as savage!
-and “Nothing! “, “Brainless! ”
Rode the horse of my thoughts
-to leap and to gallop into time.
Once hunted and in chain
-moved to row the vessels
-across seas, into where
-would be sold as slaves
-to work in cotton fields
-and plant, grow seeds
– (among them tobacco
-to make the cigarettes.)
The Benson and Hedges
-which sold puffs of cancer
-never thought, neither cared
-for other than pocket
-get fatter and fatter!
Children, labourers’
-mostly unattended
-met on roads…
-and spoke or chatted.
If ever got hand on sprays
-they used walls as canvas
-graffities, they painted
– (to tell tales of the pains!)
Then to it sang poems,
-with the dance of madness
– (all rhythmic and great
-no censor, straight…)

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