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Crucifix Poem – No bullshit poetry

by: Alex Sandell

Crucifix is stained with hate.
Crucifix is stained with lust.
Crucifix is stained with hypocrisy.
Crucifix is stained with televangelists.
Crucifix is on fire.
Church burns down.
Up in flames, God barbecued his choir.
How can we have faith?
How can we blindly follow?
Too many conflicted messages make the entire thing seem hollow.
Crucifix, Crucifix,
send all of my friends to Heaven.
Crucifix, Crucifix,
send all of my enemies to Hell.
Crucifix, Crucifix,
while you’re at it, could you send me a new DVD player, as well?
One that works this time?
Church shooter guns down the congregation,
just when they were learning they’d burn in hell
for acts of masturbation.
Oh, so many of them in eternal fire.
I wonder if they’ve been joined by the charcoaled choir?
Look through the ashes.
Look through the bullet holes . . .
get a look at this –
the only thing left standing
is the battered crucifix!

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