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Beautiful Love Poems

You’re My Angel In Disguise

Author: Lilcutie

God saw you suffering,
and said come with me to a better place.
He took your hand and said ” Walk with me”
I’ll heal your dreary face.
I’m taking you to a place,
Where I can take care of you,
A place where you can run and play
Where you can do what you want to do.
As you say your last words to me,
Tears fell from my eyes,
You reached up took my hand,
And said “Please don’t cry”
Do not cry for me for I am in a better place.
I will look down and watch you,
I will guide your heavenly face.
As I slowly touch your face,
You slowly passed away
I try to hold back my tears,
For I will be with you one day.
As I slowly kiss your forehead,
I slowly start to cry,
You whispered in my ear
“I will always love you”
“You’re my angel in disguise.

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