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Beautiful Love Poems

Your Enticement

Author: LaChrisa LaTrese Moore “Pudda”

Like so much wine
You Intoxicate me
Your smile weakens my body
Your voice makes my world spin
My high is heightened by your touch
My obsession for your wide brown eyes
Traps me in my stand of stillness
And just like an inmate I am your prisoner
I am a fiend –
Waiting to cop every ounce
Ounce of your goods
Down to your last ounce of intimacy
They say time –
Only time can heal a drunken body
For it is not my body but my soul that is drunk and –
Being without you is like drinking Tequila with no lime
Laying dazed
I am amazed by the presence of you
Enticed by your scent of masculinity
I am pleased with the satisfaction you present me
Delirious and out of control
I need to feel your presence upon me
And together our love will forever hold
A feeling and promise made anew until eternity
Questions –
I have none, but doubts
At times there are some
After your kiss I am without
I am surrounded by images of you
Presumptuous about the night before
One more ounce-deja vu
Like so much wine
You intoxicate me
Like the poisoned grape of the vine
Its just the inebriated love of thee.

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