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Beautiful Love Poems


Author: Anonymous

Love comes through the eyes
That help me see this wonderful surprise
I see this wonderful man
Whom of which I can always stand.
Love comes through the ears
That never hear fears
They help me hear the words from you
And help me pull through.
Love comes through the hands
That make you my man
Your touch creates chills
Which make me go through many thrills.
Love comes through the mouth
That will one day make you my spouse
You say the right things at the right time
Which help me keep my state of mind.
Love comes through dreams
That make us gleam
I dream about life with you in it
And everything seems lit.
Love comes through smiles
That extend for miles
You can see all the joy
That comes from my baby boy.
Love comes through affection
That makes me feel your protection
I feel safe and secure
And always come back for more.
Love comes through the seasons
That give me plenty of reasons
Reasons that I Love You
And make us true.
Love comes through the heart
That makes me want to never part
Your heart is all I need to get by
Without making me cry.
Love comes through me
Which will set you free
I will give you all my love
That was sent as a gift from above.
Love comes through you
That is always new
You come up with the sweetest things
And I know we can handle whatever love brings.
Love comes through each one of us
That makes us a must
I don’t think I’d make it without you
And your love so very true.

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