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Beautiful Love Poems


Author: Troy A. Eury

Times like these
Seem so hard to bare.
The pains of life
Surround us from every direction.
We seem to be consumed by it,
Caught up in it,
Until we can no longer see
How precious and dear
We are to one another.
Times like these
When life seems so unfair,
And the world is set against us,
Unknowing of our desperate need
To simply hold each other,
Treasure each other,
And to discover
That all we have been searching for
Has been carefully packaged
In the blissful union of togetherness.
Times like these
Are all we truly need,
To prove to ourselves
And to that cold, cruel world,
That nothing more than the unquenchable fire,
Of that Never-Ending Love
Can come between us,
And infuse our very souls
Into that Heavenly, Heavenly state of oneness;
You and I – For all Eternity
And Times Like These…

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