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Beautiful Love Poems


Author: Rob Sheridan

This promise is solid,
And these words I speak are true,
I want you to know I love you,
And will always be there for you.
Life for me has been funny,
Throwing me twists and turns.
Never knowing what to expect,
From around that next curve.
When you came into my life,
That road started to straighten out,
Things became more normal.
And I knew without a doubt.
You were the one for me,
Making my life full of love,
My heart full of joy,
Its like we fit like a glove.
The lucky man I am,
To have found you by chance,
You made everything feel better,
With just your smile and glance.
Thank you for everything,
Helping me find that true road,
I’m hoping you will join me,
As life’s treasures unfold.

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