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Beautiful Love Poems


Author: Lil Spartan

Sometime I can ask is our love true,
Or is it the things I do.
For you I’ll do it all,
Even if the things you want are very small.
Sometimes I wonder why my heart starts to hurt,
But then I realized you stomped it in the dirt.
Do I love you I wonder,
Or should my heart be hit by thunder.
I feel this way why,
But then I think of hurting and say I should die.
I can now say that I love you,
But then again is it the things I do.
The things I do for you are simple,
But they make my heart feel brittle.
I will love and cherish you at all time,
Even when you jump out of line.
I will never lay a hand on you,
If I do everyone can say I never loved you.
I promise until this day,
With you is where my love will stay.
I will be the sun in your dark life,
All day every day if you’ll be my wife.
To love and cherish through sickness and health,
My love is yours and all its wealth.
Until death do us part,
Three words will always come from my heart.
Now you know the things I’ll do,
So hear me out when I say I love you.

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