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Beautiful Love Poems

The Right Time

Author: Amir Vafamanesh

At first glance when we met, I didn’t know what to expect
But the pieces to my heart are now beginning to connect
You must’ve been sent from up above because I’ve been in a state of bliss.
Ever since we embraced and indulged in each other’s lips
I took a chance on you and you brought me to my knees.
Your beauty is like a sunlit sky radiating the blue seas
Lost in the color of your love that will remain deep
Inside of my heart is where you will always be.
Perfection may be impossible but you’re as close as it gets to its reflection
A quintessential masterpiece and I’m the frame for your protection
Our bond is like a fine wine, it only gets better with age
The very thought of you makes my words dance across this page
My prose turn into pictures when I cast you as my star
For you’ve outshined every spotlight on every stage thus far
They say patience is a virtue exhibited by those who have waited
That appears to be our case, it feels so good to have finally made it.
I know to explain it, but being with you is like magic
But this is no illusion, it’s far better than I imagined
So here we are, side by side as we begin a new chapter
Of everlasting memories and pages filled with laughter
Surpassing one in a million, you are my once in a lifetime
I would have given this to you sooner, I was just waiting for the right time.

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