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Beautiful Love Poems


Author: Willie J. Edwards

Late at night when I’m in bed
What seems like a picture begins in my head.
And as my eyes begin to shut,
My body feels as it is fluttering up.
Then as amazing as it seems,
The picture becomes clearer and clearer in my dreams.
But what does the picture hold?
I still can’t make it out.
But as it begins to unfold,
I know there is no doubt.
It’s a picture of a man and a woman standing side by side,
With happiness in their eyes.
But suddenly the picture comes to a stop.
Then the man looks like me,
The woman I still can’t make out.
But how can this be?
Everything was going right and I was going to see
The woman I loved and was going to be with for eternity.
The picture isn’t coming out and I guess I will have to wait and see
To find out who the woman is standing next to me.
For maybe we might get together and I hope this dream comes true.
But now I know I won’t have to wait for her;
Because the woman in my arms is you.

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