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Beautiful Love Poems

Picture Perfect

Author: Amir Vafamanesh

You came down from the sky, blessed me with your presence
Now I’m in too deep and I’m stung by your essence
Call me a fool for love but I had to rush in
As soon as we locked lips and indulged in sweet sin
We made love all night until the sun came out
“I promise to give you all I got until I run out”
My heart, my mind, my body and soul
Just fall into my arms baby whenever your days are cold.
I want to be the first one you see when you wake up
Mesmerized by your beauty without your makeup
I just thought I’d let you know so you can realize
That you paint the perfect picture reflected in my eyes
And embedded into my writings, my thoughts and in my dreams
For you instilled the motivation and the strength to believe
That we go good together no matter the weather we weathered
For we make each other better
Let this love not ever sever.

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