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Beautiful Love Poems

Passion’s Embrace

Author: Little Wolf Dancing

The softness of your lips
As they slide over mine
Taste like honey to my soul
As they take me back in time
Oh the fire of your touch
Like hot silk on my tender breasts
The passion I crave so much
As you taste the nectar of my kiss
A Slowly drumming melody in my heart
Your skin like a river of light
My moan of pleasure as you start
Ecstasy I’d never fight
A lovers tune dances up my spine
As the shadow of your embrace
Slides across my thighs
Ohhh sooo slowly the pace
Our hearts mingled in rapture
The torture of passion so sweet
The affection of a thousand years
As at least we meet
The motion of our rhythm
In perfect unison we move
Our flight those of doves
As we reach heaven’s hymen

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