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Beautiful Love Poems


Author: Cherokee1275

I see your bright shining smile
As I make my way down the isle
as the preacher talks about love and life
I stand here proud to be your wife
bound together by trust and love
I remember the prayers to god above
now we are joined in spirit and heart
just as we were from the start
as everyone watches from their seat
our sacred vows we do repeat
in sickness and health-till death do us part
as I say these words- they come from my heart
rings exchanged-from you to me and me to you
my hands begin to shake-when you say “I DO”
he says kiss the bride- you lift my veil
my heart skips a beat- beginning to sail
you kiss me so softly and kiss me so sweet
like the first time you swept me off my feet
as we are pronounced husband and wife
we walk hand in hand and begin our new life

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