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Beautiful Love Poems

Oh, My Love

Author: Rose Angel

For as long as I live
My love to you I will unconditionally give
For always until my last day
I will love you in every possible way.
Ever since into my life you came
I have been blessed; when God revealed your name
I know that He brought me here to you
To love you my whole life through.
We have been together for a few years
With both laughter and tears
I love you beyond anything
Happiness to me; you can only bring
With all that is in my soul
You are the one that makes me whole.
Without you, I will surely die
I will love you until all the waters on earth run dry
A woman needs a man to love
God gave me you from above
A love like ours has never been before
As it was made under God’s law
Look deep inside your heart
Of each other we are the total part
By God’s promise to me.

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