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Beautiful Love Poems


Author: Layla S.

Why does it have to hurt inside?
Why do I have to cry each night?
I think I have to walk on by…
Cuz I’m starting to lose my sight…
What is it that changed your mind?
Who is it that keeps you blind?
Why did you change so fast?
Did you really have to leave me behind?
I start to think about all we had
And how it turned this way…
I guess I’ll have to leave your side,
And turn my face away…
Although my soul will die…
Although my heart will cry…
I’ve got nothing else to do,
I’m hurt deep inside
But although I’ll leave your side,
You’ll be always on my mind…
My heart and soul will ache for you,
Every day and every night…
You’re my never-ending love,
The love that keeps me alive…
You’re the one I’ll love forever,
Although it hurts inside…

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