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Beautiful Love Poems

My Love

Author: Catlin L. Crawford

My love, oh how I long for you
In your arms I ache to be
Without you my heart would stop
For it beats for only thee
It beats for only thee my love
You inspire it to thrive
You have given life to me my love
And made me come alive
Alive, I am for you my love
Every breath takes you in
My heart beats strong for you my love
Then it stops and beats again
It stops for only moments
To pace itself a while
For it’s racing fast for you my love
In a moment it’s raced a mile
I Love You, oh my dearest love
I love you more each day
Never once shall you ask to hear it
For each chance ‘I love you’ I’ll say
I love you again and again
I love you with all my heart
I can not wait to love you more
And for my life with you to start
My love you are my only
The one I trust and treasure
My love for you runs freely
And flows without end or measure
I Love You oh my love
With all that I am I love you
I Love You oh my love
With a love that I hold true.

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