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Beautiful Love Poems

My Life

Author: Colin Metcalfe

You’re my reason for 8 ‘til 5,
You’re my reason for staying alive,
You’re the girl that stands out in my world full of doubt,
You’re the key to my heart … my life.
You’re the air that I breathe and the joy that I feel,
You’re the wine that I sip and each course of each meal,
You’re each dream that I dream, and each day of my life,
And so much more than this … future wife?
You’re a breath of fresh air in a room full of gas,
You’re the skip of my heart as I watch you pass,
You’re a rose in the snow, in full bloom all year round,
You’re a love song to me without making a sound.
You’re the star in my life, fallen down from above,
With a glint in your eye that tells me it’s love,
Like the smile that you smile or the words that you say,
You’re the part of my life which must not fade away.
So consider these lines as from eros’s bow,
Delivered with kisses and sent just to show,
That although I may sulk, cause a tear, need a shove,
Our life is together, a home full of love ….

* Colin wrote this poem for his wife in 1979. They celebrate their Coral (35 years) wedding anniversary … a testament to the power and beauty of enduring love.

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