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Beautiful Love Poems

My Future Love

Author: Dria Gutierrez

With the pieces of my wounded heart
I fly to the safety of your arms
With the tranquility of a flowing river
I listen to your steady breath
With the passion of a pianist
I take in your comforting words.
No, I am not ready to share the love
That has always illuminated from the adoration in your eyes,
The patience of your voice,
The gentleness of your caress
But one day, when my vibrant soul returns with open arms
And my love is longing to spread it’s wings,
I fully trust that you will await me
My knight, my savior, my rock, my shoulder.
Please wait, just a little longer
My heart is torn,
But your shining love is stitching it back together
My mind is tormented with misery,
But your caring words ease it
My body is desperate for the touch I long,
But your gentle hands hold me
And throughout all this blinding pain and misery,
I bask in your glowing love.
Despite my futile attempts to end, in you there is hope.
In you is the future of my love
In you is the light of my soul
In you is the key to my caged heart, oh my future love.

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