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Beautiful Love Poems

My First True Love

Author: Gail Poulter

So many years ago we loved
We love still
We will love forever
My heart was broken
Now it is mended
Each new day begins
And my heart sings
To the feel of your love
And the beat of your heart
At night I sleep
With you in my heart
It beats only for you my love
Each beat matched by yours
I long for the time
That we spend together
Each snatched moment
I will treasure
You eyes they shine
With your love for me
So tender and caring
So full of love
If I cannot have you to myself
I will treasure each moment that we have
Forever my darling
You are my soul
Our hearts are linked
By the bond we share
Each thought we have
We also care
To you my love
I give my All
My heart
And my soul
You are the stars in the sky
The wind on my face
The rain in my eyes
The tears on my cheeks
You are the biggest part of me
That I cannot deny
As I sit here with a tear in my eye
A tear of joy shed only for you
For all you are
For all you can be
This I am grateful for
Till the day I die
You are my world
You are my life
You are my soul.

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