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Beautiful Love Poems


Author: Seshadri Veeraraghavan

A zest for life, a grace divine
More intoxicating than wine.
Carefree nature and wild, wild ways,
You always make my mind sway!
Bouncing black hair and coal- dark eyes,
Remind me of monsoon skies,
A spring in your step elevates my mood,
Hey, nosey rain, do not intrude!
As the wind caresses your lovely form,
And the waves rush to feel your charm,
What chance do I stand?
Against nature’s wicked game plan?
There is no truth but love;
Lovely as the blue skies above.
There is no reality but bliss,
So there! Let me taste your lips.
Let me hold you in my arms,
And protect you from all harm,
Life is too cruel, my dear!
But, I am here, do you hear?
Spend an eternity with me,
I shall never tire of you,
Remind me when day breaks,
For, yet again, I will want to hold you.

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