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Beautiful Love Poems

Just You

Author: Dean Adam © 2012

I just called to say I love you, it’s your silly wonder boy
I just rang to say I need you, I love being your favourite toy.
I just shout to say I want you, I will do it all day long
I just whisper that I miss you, and sometimes do it with a song.
I just want to kiss and caress you, and ease away your pain
I just need to be close to you, it drives me so insane.
I just have to make love to you, whenever I see your face
I just need to feel each bit of you, when you’re at my place.
I just ache to have a part of you, with you I’m so obsessed
I just have to give my life to you, as you’re the very best.
I just dream of having all of you, it’s a selfish silly thing
I just hope it is the same for you, more than a passing fling.

I just smile when I think of you, and sometimes shed a tear
I just have to consume all of you, my true love is so sincere.
I just seem to want my life with you, every single day
I just can’t wait to be with you, that will never go away.
I just wrote this poem to you, It’s your total love I seek
I just have to cheer each part of you, as you are truly unique.
Love you forever.

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