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Beautiful Love Poems

It Was True Love From The Start

Author: Kaylyn Lloyd

The touch of your hand,
and the taste of your kiss.
Oh how I wonder,
How our love is as strong as this.
The sound of your voice,
And the twinkle in your eye.
Oh how I thank God,
For such a wonderful guy.
The warmth of your smile,
And the touch upon your face.
Oh how I love,
Your caring and embrace.
The way you look into my eyes,
And the safeness when I’m with you.
Oh how I’m so happy,
Now that I’m with you.
The touch of your body,
And the feel of your hands on me.
Oh how I see,
That this is truly meant to be.
The love in your heart,
And the glistening in your eyes.
Oh how I believe,
That nothing will tear us apart.
The words upon your lips,
And the determination on your mind.
Oh how I love,
When your hands are on my hips.
The beat of your heart,
And the bravery in your soul.
Oh how I knew,
It was true love from the start.

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