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Beautiful Love Poems

In Shadows

Allow yourself to discover the richness and meaning off deep words in different poems. Let your soul float in the air along with the words that carry you into the night.

Open up your mind and heart to the myteries of the days, days you seem to think are typical and ordinary. Find something magical to make your soul sparkle.

Take your special someone’s hand and walk along the roads and see how her eyes beam up when you make her laugh.

Tell her words of love from all the love poems you can find here at 1Love Poems. Make her feel special, to let her know you love her, through and through.

Author: Todd Anderson

I’ve captured unicorns in flight
Through twilights purple skies
Danced with Aphrodite as
I gazed into her eyes
I’ve been intrigued by whispering angels
Frozen by the breath of the Divine
Made love atop soft silver clouds
Built castles from the sands of time
In a breath I’ve taken in the
Scent of all that perfumes Eden
Bathed in glistening moonlight
Transformed rainbows into seasons
Mythic journeys through the heavens
Have never taken me as high
As the magic of her presence or the
Sparkle in her eyes
She is my goddess of love and beauty
She is my Lord Divine
Enchanting as the blackest rose
Yet radiant as sunshine
She has the smile of an angel
A butterfly’s gentle touch
It’s she who mystifies my dreams
I’ve come to love so much
I find myself returning to the
Streams of liquid light
Condemned to suffer once again
Amidst that ghostly winter night
Forbidden love concealed in shadows
Haunting secrets unrevealed
Despair and sorrow fill my eyes for
She knows not how I feel.

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