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Beautiful Love Poems


If you’ll have a chance to go back, to the days when you still have your one true love with you, will you?

Are you ready to experience all the pain, challenges, and love all over again, just to be with her? Are you willing to take the risk that one day, you might lose her again?

How did your heart feel when you two have grown away from each other? Did you cry and let your heart out, but she never heard your calls?

Losing love must be a painful experience. For now, let our collection of poems heal your broken heart. Visit the 1Love Poems’ website today.

Author: Jay Briggs

As I sit here now wondering of you,
I remember the days we had,
You my darling so bright and full of life,
You made me complete so whole and so bright,
I loved the way you made me feel,
So welcome, so loved, and so special,
So in return this love I have,
I gave it to you my angel from the sky.
The way your hands would squeeze me tight
Would melt my heart, yet now I cry.
For the first time ever in my life,
I found a love, a love with you,
A love that I thought would never end,
Yet as we grow further apart,
It begins to destroy my broken heart.
I long to see you smile again,
I never meant to make you cry,
You were my lady one in a world,
And now I ache as I let you go.
If only I were to know,
That this moment now was going to happen.
I would change the past, the present and the future.
My love is forever with you,
But please, Please, Please
Remember me, remember us
And Please don’t make me say If Only I.

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