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Beautiful Love Poems


All the what-ifs I have inside my heart and mind, are all these regrets? Or simply just wishes that didn’t come true?

If I could go back to the times I have been given chances to tell you how much you mean to me, how much my heart feels love for you. But those were all gone, vanished without a trace.

If I only had the courage to say what’s inside my heart, to tell you how much I love you. But then, those were just the could have been.

But if I could be given another chance, I’d tell you now, through these poems here at 1Love Poems, how much I truly love you.

Author: Gallen

If I could be young once again
I would have sooner met you
and all that would have remained
is the love I have for you
If I could have just shown you
how much you mean to me
then I could have died happily
with the tears of joy in me
If I could have been your knight
brave and donned in shining armour
then I would have been your prince
and not as your friend anymore
If I could have been a stranger
and not as myself to you
then I might have had the courage
to say wholeheartedly I love you
If I could have lived my life
then you could have seen me through
because all that I had ever did
was for you to love me too
If I could have just seen tomorrow
I would have jumped ahead of time
because today it might have not ended
and today you might have been mine.

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