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Beautiful Love Poems

I Dreamt of You

There is always love to remember in each dream. A love that travels through within your heart and soul. Something as beautiful as the crystals that dance under the moonlight.

Dream away my love, let your emotions reach to the stars in heaven. Let the sweet melody of the night’s music bring your love across.

Dream, so when the morning comes, you’ll feel all the love you can and share it with your one true love.

For now, before you sleep, read our collection of poems here to 1Love Poems and let the words serenade you in your dream.

Author: Patrick Liddick

I Dreamt of you late last night
Dancing beneath the soft moonlight
Gently you moved twirled and swayed
Making love to the sweet serenade
Letting your hair trickle down
Caressing your lavender evening gown
Diamonds and pearls in your eyes
Heaven below the starry sky.
Tiffany Crystal upon your feet
Like the fairytale so unique
You glide as though you’re in the ballet
With form as beautiful as a bouquet
The evening sparkled with romance
My heart surrendered while you danced
I stood humbled as you gleamed
Last night with you upon a dream.

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