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Beautiful Love Poems

Hearts Desire

What’s your heart’s desire? Is it to find someone to share lifetimes with? Someone to hold hands with and face each day with courage and love?

A passionate love to share with someone special, that can be enough to last you this lifetime of heart’s desire. To raise your spirits when you feel down.

A flame in your heart and soul can grow if you know its desires, and love, as it may seem is one of its greatest keys.

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Author: Brynn

Brandish you, my hearts delight
I yield to you every night
And in the time I’ve spent alone
My love for you I’ve always known.
Passion burns in lovers eyes
One look from you, my spirits rise
This flame inside, still burns bright
And from my soul, this light takes flight.
Lately this rain seems less dreary
Because of this, my hearts less weary
And if in fact we’re meant to be
The sky will clear so I may see.

A future bright and filled with love
Sends cleansing rain from above
To wash away the painful tears
And release my heart of once felt fears.
Each time I look at you my dear
There seems nothing I should fear
Once locked up dreams come undone
A new life for me has begun.
My life spins in tune with yours
Twirling and dancing through open doors
A cycle with a touch of fate
Our worlds entwined, creating hate.
Through our bond, we rose to fight
A love this strong can break the night
Through this fight, we mean no pain
Happiness is all we wish to gain.

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