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Beautiful Love Poems


Words of love represent one’s heart and soul, their being in general. It can help another person heal and believe in love again, even after suffering from pain and loneliness.

Love creates an opportunity for both people to heal, together. With affection, care, and hones, healing is possible.

If you ever feel that you won’t love again, then you just have to believe a little more. To believe that healing doesn’t just make you feel better, but it can also start something new and good in your life.

Heal your wounds with words of love by reading our collection of poems here at 1Love Poems today.

Author: Naomi Taitano Padua

You stole my heart unexpectedly,
yet you held it oh, so dear.
You showed me how to love again,
as you chased away my fear.
You drowned me with your passion
and you showered me with your kiss.
You gave me love and affection
as I lingered in this bliss.
I never thought I’d love again
but I know now my heart has healed.
Since the day I met you,
I knew my fate was sealed.
How have I been so lucky
to have met someone like you?
I may never know the answer,
But I thank God…
Because you’re a dream come true

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