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Beautiful Love Poems

Free Downloadable Love Poems – Free Love Poems

Love poems are heartfelt expressions of love that needs to come out. Through love poems you can convey your emotions to your sweetheart.
These beautiful free love poems are mesmerizing and inspiring.


Why can’t I speak when I have so much to tell?
Why can’t I write when I have so much in mind?
Why can’t I sing when there’s music in my heart?
Why can’t I dance when there’s rhythm in the air?… Read Poem


Without His Love – Lizbeth Lopez

What has happened is never spoken
Everything around me has been broken
There’s no words, just silence.
Hate, but no violence… Read Poem


You Are My Hope – Peter McNamara

You are the beat of my heart,
You are the blood in my veins,
You are the life of my body,
You are the spirit in my soul… Read Poem


Please Come Home – Unknown

Please come home,
I miss you so.
More then you could ever know… Read Poem


THINKING OF YOU – Grooveysaz

The sun is setting on a lonely day
The colours are splitting, the perfect way
Your strolling home as you see this too
And I watch from a window thinking of you… Read Poem


Why Do I Love You? – Meg

You make me smile
when I’m having a bad day.
You make me laugh
at everything you say… Read Poem


WHEN WE KISS – Freddie Scott

Do you like the way that we kiss?
The fullness of my pastel pink lips
The soft texture created with the help of chapstick
The pause of anticipated excitement… Read Poem


What is Love? – Duncan MacKellar

A simple spark of deep desire,
The gentle gaze that sets the fire.
Often spoken, sometimes meant,
Heat of passion, sweetly spent… Read Poem


THE MAGIC OF LOVE – Joyce Hemsley

The magic of love, oh how inviting,
amorous love ~ is a flame so exciting,
infatuation, the romance of a kiss,
two arms enfold you, heavenly bliss… Read Poem


True Love – Corbyn Thompson

A gentle brush of his fingers threw my hair,
Sending shivers down my spine that I can’t compare.
In the love I see in his eyes,
Is a love that equals mine… Read Poem

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