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Beautiful Love Poems

Field Of Love

Sit and savor the feeling and taste of love — where flowers bloom in autumn and love stays when the night has come.

The wind blows lightly on your face, touching and caressing your soul after going through a long and winding day.

Walk with your special someone — take her hand and look into her eyes, the way you’d tell her how much you love her.

Whisper to her ears the exact words your heart feels. Get ideas and inspiration to come up with the right words by reading our collection of love poems here at 1Love Poems today.

Author: Brian Earl Cox

Holding you so close, in a field of magic love
your eyes are shining brighter than the starlit sky above
The flowers that bloom ’round us, they tickle at our feet
the river sleeps behind us, the silence is so sweet.
The wind blows just so slightly, to tell us that it’s there,
and to blow the windswept petals, that lovedance in the air.
The passion that is bred here is as old as GOD above,
but the only way to feel it, is to bring the one you love.
And even though this magic field is natures’ greatest feat,
without you here beside me… the magic’s incomplete.

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