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Beautiful Love Poems


There are people who think or feel that they are not capable of feeling true love — a love that makes all their dreams come true.

Love may come and it may go, and sometimes it stays and see two people build and grow their lives together.

Does your heart know when that one true love comes along? Will your heart determine whether that person is the one?

Always be prepared and armed your heart with words of love, for when you meet your one true love — you won’t be speechless. Read our love poems here at 1Love Poems today.

Author: Copyright 1996 Carol D. Meeks

I didn’t know I could love
anyone as much as I love you
for the sound of your voice,
makes all my dreams come true.
You walk into a room, and
I know you have arrived;
my heart skips a beat when
you walk up to my side.
I hope this kind of magic stays
forever between us two,
and the whole wide world will
know that God sent me you.

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