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Beautiful Love Poems

Fading Away

Like a sound in the background that slowly fades away, remnants of your old memories that leave you every single day.

This is how love feels when it has lost meaning and when someone special doesn’t feel the same way for you as before. When that someone lost the love that was once for you.

It is not just the thought of not having that someone special to hold you close, but also how every day would feel without their soft caring voice and their comforting smile.

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Author: [email protected]

Even if it takes forever to see
What happiness really means to me
I understand love will always be
in perfect harmony
between you and me
One day you will come to know
that no matter how far you may go
the joys and sorrows that we share
are just like the touch of your hair
which is full of tender care
Yet I can only say
this love for you will never decay
I love you every single day
and in every single way
And it pains me to see you fading away.

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