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Beautiful Love Poems


All of us are poets, some are living it to say it outright but some keep the words inside, buried deep along with their feelings of love.

Looking at your everything, everything that your heart desires are like glancing at happiness waiting for you at the horizon.

Some show their love through actions and some through words — no matter how — words live in everyone’s hearts, and writing about love is an interpretation of one’s emotions.

Let this poem from one of our authors inspire you to write about love and the symphony of emotions. Browse through our collection here at 1Love Poems.

Author: Trisha Calif

You are everything I’ll ever need
To make my life complete.
Since you came into my life
My every dream has come true.
I’ll never love anyone
As much as I love you.
You are the light when there’s darkness
Shining brightly through your eyes.
Yours are the arms I want to hold me
Through all of my nights.
My heart belongs to you only
The one true love in my life.
Our souls are intertwined
To always be like one.
May your every need be fulfilled
Without ever a question.
May every sadness you have ever felt
Turn into a smile.
Unselfishly I give myself to you
Never with hesitation
Because you and only you
For always will be,
My Partner, My Lover, My Friend, My Everything.
Feel the love without ever a doubt
It is yours for a lifetime.

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