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Beautiful Love Poems

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Yes, words may never be enough — even at a time when you tell your special someone you love him every single day — still, it can never be enough.

They say, words are meaningful when it is backed up by actions. Yes, that is true because words should come from your heart and soul — not just from your mind.

Why not show your love through writing? Yes, it does involve words but it’s handwritten — created with an effort to show how much you love and care.

Here at 1Love Poems, you have unlimited access to our collection of love poems to help you get started on your writing.

Author: Dustin Lowe

Spoken words alone cannot express,
The love I have for you.
The written art of love is what convinces
Myself, that you are the one for me.
As I gaze into your eyes
With every movement of your listless ways,
The grasping of your hand,
The warmth of your heart
I believe that you can make me feel like no other.
Once I believed that love was only a fable,
Configured in the mind, planted by others.
Then there was you.
Like a flower in bloom, wow, what a dream come true!
There are times we you make me happy,
There are times when you make me blue,
But what is even worse, is when
I don’t get to see you…

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