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Beautiful Love Poems

Clouds Of Love

Love, some would say is easy, but for others it is not. There are people who would meet and would know instantly that they want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Destiny would play its part to let two people meet and they would do everything they can to make things work out — because love is always a work in process, it is a decision to be together and to choose each other every day.

Have you found your one true love? Or are you still in search of him? Once you found him, hold him tight, whisper to him words of love.

Gather your thoughts and your feelings, browse through 1Love Poems for the right words to express your love.

Author: Weisskamp

On the night I met you,
my heart stopped beating
it froze with with desire,
at what I was seeing.
On this night for us
that shouldn’t have been,
what lay ahead nobody could see.
You alone started these flames
of wanting desire,
a million seas couldn’t quench the fire.
But love isn’t always the easy friend,
you have to sail the storm
to receive the love you send.
So till the day comes
that these arms can hold you near,
I’ll sail the storms and watch
as the clouds disappear.

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