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Beautiful Love Poems

Born At Last

Thinking of new ideas for your next writing project? How about coming up with a collection of love poems for your readers to enjoy. Compose a daily love poem for them to read and captivate their hearts.

Relate and identify with your readers with words that radiate to their heart, mind, and soul. Reach for their emotions and give them something to feel, something to make them feel love, and something to validate their feelings.

For your daily dose of poem inspiration for your next writing project, browse through 1Love Poems’ collection of encouraging words. Let your writing reflect your heart, soul, and mind.

Author: Avery Robertson

I am your journey’s end, my name is “destiny fulfilled” you are the fyre that ignites my own a love, a passion so deeply thrilled. Come to me… let me reach out and touch your flesh, so hot you are my lust, my love; feast on me- in you I am caught. Whirling winds of passion flow, between our worlds that are apart, I travel in the mists of tyme… to hold your mind and heart. My blood is mingled in your veins, of me you can never be free, Colours burst behind closed eyes, for only your soul to see. Your voice whispers to me, in dreams you come and take all- from my very life you feed O how I heed your call. You carry me to a bed of roses, removing all the thorns, and I will forever belong to you, in this love, I am born.

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