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Beautiful Love Poems


Ever had someone drifted far away from you, someone you love whom you lost along the way but wanted him back so badly?

Your heart must be going through so much pain right now and you hardly know where to start, but never lost faith that your heart can heal from being broken.

Take the time to heal and find your heart’s rhythm. Bounce back to life and see that it is worth living. Love yourself the way you would like someone to love you.

You’ll soon realize that the love that was meant for you will always find its way. You’ll be guided back to the heart that truly holds your love dearly.

Browse 1Love Poems’ collection to find the inspiration to help you heal and be guided back to love.

BACK TO YOUR HEART By Vishal Ramanuj

My heart is but a mere vessel,
tossing about helplessly
in this sea of loneliness.
I long for the winds of your love
to guide me back to the shore,
back to your heart.

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