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Beautiful Love Poems

As Long As You Are Near

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When we are near the people we love and care for, life gets a little more colorful and challenges can be easier to overcome.

People we love, no matter how near or far, are the source of our inspiration, our strength. Memories we build with them makes us want to experience life more.

It would just be wonderful to express our love and appreciation to the people we love by writing them the words from your heart.

At 1Love Poems, you have all the love poems you’ll need to compose something special for your one true love whom you choose to spend the rest of your life with.

As Long As You Are Near By Anonymous

The first time we met, I could see,
That you and I, were meant to be.
Your eyes were so gentle, your smile so true,
When you first held my hand, I just knew.
Now the time has gone by, through laughter and tears,
These days I shall cherish, for years upon years.
Those memories we have, shall never fade,
For those are the steps, that we have made.
That was the past, the future is near,
I anxiously wait, for what will appear.
New homes, more laughter, and children so dear,
Everything will be wonderful, as long as you’re near.

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