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Beautiful Love Poems


Imagine spending long nights with the love of your life — sleeping close together, holding each other, and whispering words of love. Those moments are perfect memories to keep.

Soft kisses until the morning light touches your heart and a beautiful smile that welcomes you when you first open your eyes. What’s more loving and passionate than those wonderful days with your one true love.

Hold your love the way heaven holds an angel — for those simple memories are worth keeping in a lifetime.

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Author: Kathy P.

The lover sleeps and amid his dreams
His angel comes on sunlit beams.
To waken him with kisses sweet,
For her love for him is oh so deep.
She wakes him with her caresses light
Upon his skin and smiles so bright.
And in her eyes, he sees the love
She feels for him neath stars above.
He comes to her to gently place,
Kisses upon her neck and face.
To caress her body and touch her soul.
For together two become a whole.
The love they make is deep and true
And in this embrace their love renew.
When all is done and all’s been said,
Upon her breasts he rests his head.
And hears her heart beat for him alone.
A greater love, he’s never known.

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